Online Blackjack in New Zealand

Online Blackjack has always been a very popular game in New Zealand. Although online gambling used to be problematic due to vague laws and unclear regulation, the game of Blackjack itself seems to thrive online. Now, there is a whole slew of new online casinos that stand to up the entertainment value of Blackjack even more. For reviews on these new casinos and their games, see here: { }

Why is Blackjack poised for more greatness?

The new MGA-licensed online casinos that are set to enter the New Zealand market is set to bring with them the ability for players to gamble in NZ$s as well as get their payouts in the same local currency. Furthermore, these casinos allow for Blackjack to be played, or practised, for free before the player is expected to deposit or even sign up with the casino.

  • Practise Blackjack for free
  • Learn the gameplay
  • Refresh the rules
  • Learn and stick to a strategy

To recap Blackjack's gameplay, the game starts when the player places a bet. He then receives two cards face-up while the dealer gets one face-down and one face-up card. It is here that the rules of the blackjack kicks in and the payer is faced with various gameplay decisions or bet options after carefully considering the visible cards on the table.


What is the main aim of playing Blackjack?

The aim of the game of blackjack is for the player to beat the total of the dealer without going over the score of 21. Based on his total of his initial deal and the player's up-card, the players now has some choices to make. The two main options at this stage is whether to hit on his deal or to stand.

If the players decides to hit, it implies that he feels that he needs some more cards to increase his points tally closer to 21. If the player chooses to stand at this stage, then he is confident that this is as close to 21 as can get and that another card will push him over the 21 total and he will bust.

What other choices does the player have?

If the player is dealt a pair in his initial deal, he can opt to 'split' his hand. This means that he uses each card from his initial deal to form two new hands. He will in essence double his bet as he now has two hands. The hit or stand process will now carry on from the split as per normal.

Another option facing the player after the initial deal is to 'double up' his hand. This means that the player doubles his initial bet and is then dealt one more card and one card only. The player can do this if he feels that his receiving of one more card will bring his total close to or exactly onto the magic 21.

  • Hit - ask for more cards
  • Stand - no more cards, thanks
  • Double up - one more card
  • Split - form two separate hands

So how do I win Blackjack?

There is plenty of Blackjack literature, guides, recipes and websites in the wild that claim that they have or knows a bloke that knows the best and only system that could beat any game of blackjack. Generally this is a load of nonsensical hogwash as the game of Blackjack is a game based on probability and the odds are stacked pretty high by default.

One way to systematically increase your winnings in Blackjack is to be a card-counter. This is hard and in most cases impossible when playing Blackjack online. The reason for this is that online Blackjack can be played with up to eight decks of cards and the kicker is that after each round the decks are shuffled. Another way is the Oscar betting strategy.

  • If you win a hand, up your bet by one unit
  • If you lose a hand, bet the same amount as previous
  • If you make money in a session, withdraw and start over again

What is the advantage of the Oscar system?

We see that the only way to really get an edge over the game of Blackjack is to use a betting system where you manage your money, rather than manage the gameplay. The Oscar betting system's main goal is to win at least one chip. The advantage of this system is that limits your losses and helps you not chase losses with bigger bets.

Another advantage is that you are also not risking any winnings. You can also recover your losses easier with a few wins in a row as you are doubling your bets after the first win. Blackjack is not going to make you rich overnight but knowing the rules and using a bet strategy with some Blackjack strategy charts can help you minimise your losses.